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Poems once more

So here is two poems one old (as in a few months) and one fairly new.  Also am reposting and old one I wrote to my dad. 

May I Be

Starry nights hold a dream of freedom
Path to where I am going in a dark covered forest
Terror is just a way of being for this child’s smile hides
Peace is found in pain not of pain
Hand reached out to be invisible to he who needs to see it
Laughter for that forgotten touch because others knew
A dream doesn’t mean it will happen
But hope for better is still a hope
If one loses than he is just not
One has to let go and feel
So as a man with a childhood lost I remain


Be Thy

 Every person seems to live in a dead state
Transcend this plain of normal
Dip one toe in chocolate Butter
Catch a fart and give it to a friend
Dance this wonderment that is gravy
Pretend that you don’t see fairies
Skip top a beat from the soul
In the moonlight, two step left
Very much so scream like a girl
Bounce that head in primal heat
Tip the legs in a square
Fall from real and land in fun
Break every mirror frowning
Hey Hey from your core
Remember that this is life
One to live a dream


Father Don't Cry

Here it comes like the thunder of a storm.
You see not who I will be only what you’re not.
I struggle to love you in any way I can.
And you pushed so hard that I had to leave.
I have faith in the future of me and not what you left for me.
But father don't cry because I Always loved you anyway.
Even if you never held me, things will be alright.
So, as the rain comes down tonight.
Take Joy in that I hold my head up high.
This is our life not just yours or mine.
But this is where the lighting strikes.
I give the love you held inside and live in life.
As the water dries I will be more than what you hoped.
I'll be your son who even in the storm loves you.

All poems written by Terry Fryfogle. 
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